An atlas: The work of Rosario López

“This book, which itself becomes one more work by Rosario Lopez, has been approached as a chronicle, that is, events are presented within it according to the order in which they occurred, with the help of an interview and reviews of each register and exhibition.

A chronicle as an atlas: a collection of itineraries and voices. A chronicle attached to a timeline or, to put it another way, an annotated timeline. “

Arcadia Magazine Nº 82 – 2012


Title:                            An atlas: The work of Rosario López
Authors:                      Natalia Gutiérrez, Rosario López and Scott McLeod.
Year:                            2011
Format:                      26,5 x 20 cm.
ISBN:                          978-958-761-237-0
Editorial Partner:     Editorial of the National University of Colombia
Sponsor:                     AFIN S.A.


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