Jesús Abad Colorado, A gaze at life profound.

The best art books of 2015

“Upon seeing this book it is clear that it contains more than just press documents, since instead we find an authorial eye and a life project. It is undeniable that photography and journalism play a central role in the events that mark the future of a country. And they are undoubtedly one of the threads used to weave its history. But in Colombia these events stop being aphotographic instant and instead become a constant. And so the grace of the images grouped together in this edition of Jesús Abad Colorado’s work portrays the horror story in a way that allows forthe awakening of a sensitivity that Colombians have erased due to being immersed in a country whose violence has not stopped for half a century.”

Arcadia Magazine, 11 December 2015


Title:                            Jesús Abad Colorado: A gaze at life profound.
Author:                       Carolina Ponce de León and Jesús Abad Colorado
Year:                           2015
Format:                       27.5 x 27.5 cm.
ISBN:                          13: 978-958-42-48480
ISBN:                          10: 958-42-4849-0
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