Miguel Ángel Rojas: Essential. Conversations with Miguel Ángel Rojas

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Miguel Ángel Rojas: Essential is a book published by Editorial Planeta and Paralelo 10 which brings together in 13 chapters a journey through the artist’s career from his beginnings to his most recent works. It is a text presented in an interview format through which the voice of the artist is valued as a means to rescue unpublished data about his life and his work to date. It is worth noting thatthis book constitutes the very first publication of the complete series of photographs of the theater works, in particular the Faenza. It also places emphasis on the publication of his most important paintings, rarely seen by today’s public. The book presents a balance between its contents in terms of text and the reproductions of works and reference images. “

El, February 1, 2011


Title:                            Miguel Ángel Rojas: Essential. Conversations with Miguel Ángel Rojas
Author:                       Natalia Gutiérrez.
Year:                           2010
Format:                       27 x 23 cm.
ISBN:                          13: 978-958-42-2450-7
ISBN:                          10: 958-42-2450-6
Editorial Partner:        Editorial Planeta
Sponsor:                     AFIN S.A.


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